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2And what that plan looks like but simply put if you really get behind oh why you’re doing it and you plan your work based on what you want to achieve any it about work and that with accountability you be successful yes so eat late probe on that because I like that what would the what one of the top things in your plan B well I subscribe to more the planet the any system you know I attended think is too big.

trainers out there with a lot of accountability and a lot about schooling and any system really works for me it item it hits home her how I served my people on so it would look like you know the old calls note some Popeye’s up to my center been wants and staying very connected to them and having a real servants heart about going about the business so that’s at the core a bit and then we spin off a little bit further.

with client appreciation party is and other things that nature but it continually it brings the message over and over and over again that we are a trusted resource up for real estate and that we can show and demonstrate over and over again real are wonderful client testimonials that we do. on how well we sir and owned by the way age if you know someone that may be meeting at service like that we provide or never too busy for your curls yeah that’s pretty powerful so what we’re not what would your number two idea be to natal is you years.

than ever to think that I keep going to over and over again is working open houses I think open houses are still a fabulous place to a.m. could take came over retail umber special real estate you know where he actually honey you know hang a shingle and get out there in the market place an ear open for business so I think open houses are fabulous. www.sydneypropertyvaluation.com.au

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In other words, you first figure out what you’re looking for. And then you go looking for it. In fact, what I do is, I open up an Excel spreadsheetwith the inputs I need. And with each one, I say, this is the numberI’m looking for right now. I’m not going to get distracted, evenif I find something interesting about something else,for the moment. I’m going to stay focused on– soif I’m looking at the risk in a company, that’sall I’m looking for.

Home-or-PropertyAre there any clues I can get by looking at the company, Valuations QLD market, and the competitors,about that risk?And at the end of the process, I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. This is not about getting more information. It’s about taking data and converting into information. We live in a world where we have too much date. That’s the reality we face. Our job is to take the data and compress itinto information that actually shows up in our valuations. So here’s a simple example of a valuation of a very boring company.

We all know what M does, right?Incredibly sophisticated stuff like the Post-It note,but don’t laugh. It’s an incredibly profitable product. It’s a company with a long history. And this is a valuation I did of M in whatI call the days of innocence. Those are the days when they were developed marketson one side and emerging markets on the other. And never the twain shall meet– pre-. So it’s a mature company, in whatI thought was a mature market.

In hindsight, I was hopelessly wrong. But my point is, in valuing M, I had to make estimates. But those estimates were easy to make. Why?Because there was a lot of history I could use. I knew what their business model was. I didn’t have to figure out what they would do in the future. So it’s a valuation that was centered. There was uncertainty, but the uncertainty was much smaller.